Hank The video card (GPU)


The video card (GPU) I have isn’t tweakable or are you talking about the one on my Matrox card? I guess to know that, I’d have to choose the MatroxDV option when creating a new project? I don’t. I use the option; ‘DV-NTSC’ when creating a new project! If I try to use the GPU Effects like ‘Page Curl’ from the Video Effects option in PP, it doesn’t work. Other than that, how do you adjust the Matrox GPU from PP? Am I missing out by NOT opening a project using the Matrox option? I know I can’t playback on a TV if I don’t but am I missing out on anything else?
I just got a new video graphics card. It’s a PNY Nvidia GeForce 7600 (512mb). I’ve had it for a few days now but didn’t install it because I want to finsh this project first.
Okay, getting firewire card would take care of capturing my DV stuff but what about analog, like VHS or other? How do you capture those inputs?
Your reply has been very much appreciated, as is your patience. If you can help me with the above I’d be greatful. FYI, I did visit the Adobe forum and Matrox many times and now I’m visiting you. So far, you’ve been the most helpful.

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