Hank’s got a good point th


Hank’s got a good point there, the microphone just has to be closer.

When you see those shows like "This Old House", "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition" and other popular construction shows, the reason they catch the sound so well is that they have a boom pole operator holding a mic literally inches from the heads of the talent, just barely out of frame. That’s the only way you’ll get a good sound. You can have the nicest unidirectional Shure or Sennheiser shotgun mics out on the market (I’m a Shure man, myself), but bottom line: unless you can get that mic in their faces as much as possible, you’re going to have to live with pretty crappy audio quality.

If you can get the mic close, you won’t need as much of a mic. I mean, seriously, I sometimes use my old SM-58 mics on a boom pole for sound, and even those omnidirectional monsters built for stage performances do a good job at audio. Personally, I’d rather spend $100 on a mic and place it 10 inches away than to spend $1000 on a mic and try to place it 10 feet away.

BUT if you insist on it, the mic you mentioned is a nice mic, and despite the fact that I’m a Shure Evangelist, I can say that you’ll still probably get better results with that mic than the onboard shotgun setup you’ve currently got.

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