hank, my partner and i act


my partner and i actually have full time regualr jobs and we shoot weddings and other things on the side to make a little extra cash. we advertise in a bridal book locally and just recently put our name in yellow book. we haven’t yet went to bridal shops but we have talked about it ALOT! we just haven’t acted yet. we were thinking of a referral fee for the bridal shops, something along the lines of $50. i hear that bridal shops will let you put your material in their shops pretty much hassle free.

the bridal book we advertise in also has a website and i think that has helped get business from out-of-towners. it’s about $700 a year to advertise with them<——that’s steep in my opinion but we’re getting hits!

what other means of advertising have you done besides getting ready to hit chapels and bridal shops?

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