Hank, Got the Elura 100 a



Got the Elura 100 and could not figure out how to set the FPS to 60i. Called Canon back and guess what? They now told me I could not change the FPS. 😑 When I was investigating the camera before purchasing a rep at Canon had told me I could set at 30i or 60i on the Elura 100. 😑 😑 Anyway, now that I have the camera I took some footage and captured it onto my computer. The quality sucked. The quality was actually better on clips I took using the Hitachi minidvd. I hooked both cameras up to the TV. They both had great footage frame by frame of son’s swing. This convinced me that I was losing quality while capturing in the computer. I am guessing that this is because the footage is being compressed. Is it possible to capture into my computer, edit, and burn onto a DVD without losing quality. If so, what format do you suggest to use when capturing onto the computer and what capture program do you suggest. IF this can’t be done without losing quality, I am guessing I will have to store the video on the minidv tapes.

I have been editing the videos and burning them onto dvds to keep a history of my son’s progression. I like to go back to an ealier clip and show him how much he has improved. I also thought this would be something interesting for him to have to show his son when he is a father. Anyway, I want the video to remain in good quality that can be viewed frame by frame.

Thanks for your help. πŸ™‚


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