Hank, thanks for the fast


Hank, thanks for the fast reply.

please allow me to ask some questions:

1. When you say, "no one will back this up" are saying that the percent I mentioned is too much or too little? (I really have no idea). Like I said, I was throwing out numbers. Of course the deal can be %10, %20, %30… anything. That’s why I’m asking you.

2. I live in Israel and the laws here are different. For that reason I also don’t think the links on your site will help my case, but I HAVE done research on the market and it’s pretty good here. In the past few years, more and more people are doing video for events and occasions. There aren’t very much good video productions here (only top-notch or not good at all).

3. I was planning to start with the Panasonic AG-DVX100B ($2600 roughly) because the HD cameras were a little too pricy and I think I can produce fine quality for now with that. What I can incluse here for $7000 is the camera, tripod, two light stands with lights, extera batteries for camera, gun mic, external mic, headsets, ladder and cords, better computer with 2 screens, some advertising, and I’ll still be left with some money. Am I leaving out something critical that I’ll still need to start?

4. Advertising IS an issue. I have already spoken with some photographers and we might work together by reffering people to each other. I am also planning on going from hall to hall and meeting with photographers to give them a diskcard and trying to make deals with them. I made a website which I will promote when I’m ready. I will do some ads in the papers and of course, I will spread the word to my many friends. I am a hard worker and I’m sure I’ll be able to start this.

5. What kind of percentages were YOU thinking of when talking to an invester?

Thanks again for your reply.

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