Hank, I had the first impr


Hank, I had the first impression that you did on this, but then I got to thinking about some of the modern day documentaries like "supersize me" and reality shows like "the biggest loser" or TLC’s "Honey, we’re killing the kids", and the growing sensation in the news reporting that America is obese. I think a documentary on weight loss might at the very least be interesting. As a nation, we have weight on our mind, so any topic on weight gain or weight loss will be at least conceptually of intrest to people.

Personally, I would find a market for the film before filming though. There are just too many different potential audiences to know how it would turn out.

For example, medical doctors might be interested in such a film, considering all the hype going on with biastric bypasses these days. A number of doctors out there might be very interested in a way to lose weight that avoids this costly surgery. Even if you’re doing the biastric procedure, doctors still might be interested in a video documantation of it.

Of course, if you market to medical pros, you’re going to need to be able to make it something they will have use for, which means getting a medical doctor and other medical professionals to walk with you on this project. You’ll constantly have to consult a doctor to make sure what you’re doing and saying for the tape is medically sound. You may also want a doctor to monitor and document your results, so there’s medical proof of your diet plan and outcome.

I have no idea what your target audience is Papa Deuce, so I can’t say exactly how well it would market. Like I said, there might be interest in the medical field. Check with the local hospital. I know that weight loss infomercials occupy most of the late night and early morning hours of cable TV, but that would require having a product or program to sell. There are some things that wouldn’t work, but I wouldn’t say it’s not worth it. Produce the film. If nothing else, in a year you’ll be healthier and you’ll at least have something you can look back on for yourself.

I think that most filmmaking is like writing. The best work is often not the work you do for others, but the work you produce for yourself. Find your niche and hit it hard. I do agree with Hank though, at the very least, get a voiceover person for the video, and maybe a couple doctors or friends to put on. An hour of nothing but you would be a bit of a drag.

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