Hank, I can see why you ma


Hank, I can see why you make your assumption but I’m not like the majority of royalty-free music companies that turn up to advertise their wares and then disappear for six months and if you look at my other posts on this forum you will see that I am always happy to advise regarding the issues that I have some understanding of. From your first post on the topic I assumed that you had no ‘expert’ knowledge on the subject, whereas I have worked for over 10 years for a major broadcaster in the UK in music copyright. You’ll see from my website that I am also a wedding videographer in the UK, so my interests are many and varied and I’m just bringing my knowledge to the table like everyone else.

You’re right on a number of counts. Yes, this subject has been beaten to death and there are plenty of places to find out all you need to know on the subject and yes, things are slightly different in the UK as opposed to the US which is why I made that point in my post.

Reading (very quickly) through Napsters terms they don’t really touch on what you can’t do with the music, only that you may make a number of copies to CDs and portable devices but I would argue that synchronising that music with moving (or not moving) images would be a violation. Indeed it also states that "You may not share Downloads with anyone else."

This is just how I read it, plus the knowledge that the commercial recordings aren’t ‘owned’ by Napster but by a record company who generally require sync licences to use their material on audio-visual productions.

Again, I’m sorry if that’s not what you want to hear but that’s how I understand it.

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