Hank- A very thoughtful,



A very thoughtful, smart, well formed response. I’ve been self employed for 6 years. In broadcast, there is no question. This is what is charged. Entities realize that if someone charges less, it probably equates to less quality or unusable product and they just won’t take the risk.

That is not the case down at Ed’s Used Scuba Diving Equipment or Barbara’s Real Estate. Ed and Barbara don’t know anything about video. All Ed knows is that he wants to price a 30 second cable commercial for his business and Barbara–a 3 minute video of a property she has listed for sale. So Ed and Barbara have a preconcieved notion that a 30 second commercial or a 3 minute video should only take a few minutes to shoot and edit. Why should that cost more than $100?

When they learn everything that goes into shooting a commercial or a profile– the time, the resources, the quality, the questions… then Ed and Barbara have second thoughts and they should.

You’re so right, Hank about being a salesperson and the need to fully understand what you’re selling, the intrisic value and how to price your products.

Video production isn’t for everyone and not everyone can afford video production. It helps nobody to "give it away’ just because a client can’t afford it and you need a hundred bucks.

I can undercut anyone in town but it will only hurt me more in the long run to do it.

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