Hal, Did you ever get Medi



Did you ever get Media Manager back up when you reinstalled? I ask because on one of our old workhorses to make room on the harddrive we removed the media manager and the library from Sony Acid 5 freeing up about 600MB. Later, we installed the full Sony suite (Soundforge 9, Vegas 7) but the library never came back up with the new installations even after we upgraded to Vegas 8. I mention this because this unit is still active and it hangs on startup of the program because it’s looking for the library. Once it give the error message; ‘Media Library not found’ then it continues on. No amount of reinstallation of any of the programs including Acid has revived the library. It may be a longshot, but that might be part of the problem. We’ve never encountered any of the problems you’ve mentioned most likely because we only use the unit for SD editing.

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