Hahah, funny story, Earl.


Hahah, funny story, Earl.

“How do I tell my client, who paid a good price for this videographer, that the video source sucks!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in this position. When I was in college taking any job I could get, I swear this one producer would hire people just because they have an HVX.

Eventually (when I got a real job) I snapped and tried to emphasize that a talented shooter doesn’t just point his camera in the general direction of the action.It is the shooter’s job togather what the editor needsto put together a video that the viewer will comprehend. That means gathering steadywide shots, medium shots, close ups, and cut aways of every little ‘scene’ or ‘event’ that takes place throughout the day if you’re shooting ENG style (controlled shoots don’t usually suffer from this poor shooting you’ve described).

Honestly, producers who can’t get this in their head (and don’t bother to learn the technical side of video, by the way) should just be blown off. Don’t work with them. Tell them you’re booked and don’t have time for their work. I’m sympathetic to the fact that you need money. But in the long run, if you’re not working at an hourly rate or half-day/full-day rate, you’ll lose money because you’re spending an absurd amount of time working on these projects that don’t pay off anyway. At least if you don’t take these crappy projects, you can take the time to look for good clients.

We should have a Rants forum on Videomaker.

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