Haha..thanks man..not that


Haha..thanks man..not that polite i guess..just a shy new guy eh..whatever it is..you guys do help me A LOT in understanding all of this (well..maybe part of it)

Alright, think i’m better start off with the projects..hope it came out like the way i want.

Now after editing it,my only problem is to import it to final output and from my past experience, it took way too huge space just for a 30 second video (I’m a graphic students in my local university and one of my assignment was to create a graphical montage for about 30 seconds). Normally after the editing, i’ll turn it into .avi but it came out as a “hella big” file just for a 30seconds montage and i don’t want to imagine how a 4-5minutes video are going to turn into.

Is there any way to export my final video into a “not-so-big” file but still keeping at it best quality? normally i just use .avi when it come to exporting the final output. Because i can’t play a running smooth video in a PC with a big file size.

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