Haha I came on these board


Haha I came on these boards today just to see what everyone was saying about it! I was pretty amazed to find only one post and no answers on that subject. Honestly I dont want to accuse them of answer B but as more people speak up and research is done it seriously puts A into question. No doubt they would have had a case 6 years ago but LRA is no longer causing trouble or has been for years.

But none of that matters to me. To me it highlights that the game is changing. Since when does a youtube video – 30 minutes long – get nearly 50 million hits within a matter of days? Could it be that soon the best way for a indie film maker to hit it big would be to make a film, stream it free, and make the bucks by monetizing it? Obviously 50m hits is an exception and even they could not have realistically expected that many but I think it opens a door. Regardless of their cause, I am excited about the implications of this.

What do you others think? Could this be a start of something new? And would that benefit or hurt your business?

I dont want to take anything away from Hamm’s question here. Just some thoughts of my own.

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