Ha ha…Yes, I drew the li


Ha ha…Yes, I drew the line at one. I find them boring, awful, and trite with lots of sleepy interviews. My interests are simply different. I don’t find talking heads interesting. I chuckle when I see someone doing another doc on an already worn-out subject. Then, they’ve the nerve to make another on the very same subject! That’s why the article needs to be reprinted monthly in every video magazine and website.

Fortunately, the only way I got thru my easy docwas making it a docu-comedy. I’m into comedy writing now and it’s fantastic. I’ve a performing, teaching,and writing background which helps a lot. I run some of myideas past friends and, the last I looked, they were laughing their heads off. Then they get into the spirit and help me out, too.

(I’ve just written something for someone else a few hours agothat I know he’s going to use.)

Everytime someone new is around, they get inspired to get a camera and start doing their own stuff. I don’t know how many people I’ve influenced to get a camera. That’s what teachers do…inspire others to grow, expand,and learn.

However, writing and actualizing are 2 different things. I have to hire actors to perform the way I need them. Shooting is more challenging than the actual script writing. Imake all the music, too. I’ll never do another doc…just too much funcreating other stories that have yet to be told.

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