Ha Ha LMAO! Today was the


Ha Ha LMAO! Today was the first day we had any snow up here and even then, it nothing to write home about. A mere dusting which will likely melt by tomorrow. Oddly, we are in some sort of time warped isolated pocket (Greater Toronto Area) Havent shoveled the drive way yet this season (thank you Global Warming) 😯

Well, I wish I still had the dv tapes but I thought Id never use the footage again of a wedding (not my wedding) and taped over it.

So you think I need another program huh?

I was hoping you were going to say, you could run it out of the original program (Sonic Foundry’s Video Explosion Deluxe – Now discontinued) http://dvformat.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=14046
then somehow magically back into PP.

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