Guys, -> this is all gr



-> this is all great info! (!)

I havent had the opportunity to try the multi camera inputs yet – sounds simple enough (famous last words)


πŸ˜• When the wedding party wants "everything" do you just burn the raw footage to disk with no effects, etc or do you make a mini-series / saga that goes on with music throughout etc?

πŸ˜• …Im wondering could I be getting a bottleneck at the external drive? it has USBII and firewire connections. They told me that all external drives were IDE – not SATA – the raw files are on the external drive.

(its a NexStar II 3.5in drive.)

will it be any time savings at all to move the files to the main internal drive?

compusolver said color corrections would add to encoding time – actually this historic footage Im working on has lot of color corrections (which work pretty well however)

Im really interested in that add on shake eliminator filter – there are a few on the market that Ive seen – one wanted $500.00 – it would be ideal fro this type of project which was shot, handheld using a wind up 8mm camera – some of it out of a car window (Im surprised they had cars back then)

πŸ˜• organization is still difficult for me – Adobe wants to create its own folders – some are temp folders, others different again and I want to have everything in a file called "my videos" so we are all fighting against one another – that plus I have my Cheerios telling me what to do – gets pretty hectic at times.

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