Guys, thanks so much for t


Guys, thanks so much for the replies…it was a very long night, and I am still where I started.

So, I am going to just try and do the slowest burning speed, and I am just going to do a straight data burn of video_ts and see if that works.

It’s just so weird that some of the disks I burned have just the video_ts folder (with the files inside) and my DVD player just doesn’t recognize the disk…says the disk is dirty.

You see, there are 9 DVDs in this "course" I am creating. 7 of them mastered just fine…but these 2 do not. Burning them with Roxio (just like the other 7) always has errors somewhere in the playback (even burning at 2x).

Then burning with Cheetah at 2X, it plays back perfectly all the way through on the PC, but the DVD player (ANY DVD Player, I have tested on a bunch) will not recognize the disk…and the only thing the disk has is a video_ts folder with the files inside!

I’ll try your suggestions above, but can’t see how it would change anything…but who knows…

I’ll give an update, and any other advice is appreciated…I need to get these masters out today!



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