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Though there are much faster tracks for getting into the production business, you really can’t go wrong with getting a degree. While fulfilling your university requirements, you’ll end up learning a lot of stuff you had no idea could be useful. It will seem like a distraction going through lower level courses (I had to take Junior Level Scriptwriting and Editing classes for no credit to fulfill my graduate requirements), but keep in mind they are a means to an end. Whether you go the broadcast or film production routes, you’ll be surprised at how much information you can draw upon when you need it during the production process. So again, I say figure out what it is you want to do then research the schools that offer what you’re looking for. Find out how their programs operate and what the graduation requirements are. Then, when you’ve picked out a school and a program go there with a vengeance. Remember, you’re not a kid and you’ve got important things to do. Your sponsor will expect nothing but your best and you owe them at least that. I went to graduate school like someone had stolen something from me and I was going to do whatever it took to get it back. My sponsor already had a high bar set and I jumped over it like stepping over the curb. I was able to do that because of that attitude. In fact, I pushed so hard when it was over it seemed, ‘too easy’. To this day I still have dreams the school wants my degree back because I didn’t finish something!

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The best royalty-free music and sound effects sites – 2021

Music and sound effects are a crucial part of any film or video project. Using royalty-free stock music in your next project is one way to cut costs without sacrificing quality.