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Wow, that’s pretty ballsy getting video gear with no background in video. I’m curious as to why you bought an HF11 when you have a MkII and a 7D. You’d be a lot more comfortable using those cam’s to learn how to shoot since you’re familiar using them.

I started out as a photog before going into film & video. The mediums are very similar when it comes to composition, exposure and basic focus. Where the differences begin are that you take one picture of a subject in photography and thousands in videography that will represent movement and capture sound as well.

Concerning your lighting issues, LED lighting would be a good option for you. However, white balancing in camera is your first line of controlling your video color temperature. The DSLR rigs you have should have good white balance controls and your consumer camera will also have basic white balance controls too. I strongly recommend you trawl through the free video tutorials on the VM site and take notes. From your description, you’re way behind the power curve with video and the tut’s will help you start to get up to speed.

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