Grinner, Traitor. Just kid



Traitor. Just kidding. Seriously though, I dig Avid but I’m like you about ‘writing checks to them’. I’m not too keen on writing any checks to ol’ ‘Stevie’ either. Truthfully, all of the big NLE makers are a pain in some aspect or another but lately we’ve been doing just fine with the Adobe Suites for editing and graphics. Jeez, for what I would have paid for just a stripped down copy of MC I got the whole Adobe Master Collection! If apple would unpinch their sphincters and make FCP a cross-platform product, I’d have a copy on hand for my clients who whine about using it. However, premiere helps us bridge that gap without much difficulty. The only thing to deal with is the ‘Avid/FCP snobbery’ (oh you don’t use blah, blah, blah? you can’t possibly be serious.)

So did you buy a complete MC system? Whooboy! I remember those things in the 90’s cost 50-60 grand for a system I could get now for 5k! We keep a copy of Express Pro for offline edits to hand off for finishing, but I never forked over that kind of cash for a full system.

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