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There’s nothing wrong with a flat-rate package long as the producer can live with it. I just found the pricing logic behind the two objectors criminally naieve. You try going to a bank or investors for production financing with that kind of financial logic and you won’t get through the door.

This very topic is discussed by a panel of high-end wedding filmmakers in the ‘Next Level of Wedding Video’ thread. Two of the panelist still shoot their productions on film while others shoot in proHD formats. For 3k from those guys you’d barely get a ‘cuts’ only production.

The problem I’ve found with video production in general, is that clients view it as a ‘luxury item’ still. Film and Television are still in their minds something ‘over there’ that’s out of their reach that only ‘Hollywood’ makes. Forget the fact that particularly for small business video has become a necessary expense to get the word out and with the internet, it’s soooo much cheaper to get going and maintain a presence.

Wedding videos are still seen as a ‘status item’. I mean really, to get married all you need is a couple of witnesses, $50+(depending on your state), be male and female (depending on your state) and be able to sign the paperwork. Everything else is just showing off. But, since getting married is a big deal and most of us would like to show off, you would think that to record the event in the best possible manner would require equal importance. A woman will spend her life savings on a dress she’ll wear once, but will skimp on the photographer and videographer to record the day she wore it?

That and we videographers are also to blame. So many of us are willing to debase ourselves just to get the business that we compromise to the point of our professional work becoming just ‘a labor of love.’ I guarantee you that auto mechanic, plumber or doctor loves their work too but you’re going to pay for their services! It’s the importance of as you say, ‘the keepsake’s’ quality that has to be the selling point. If a client wants ‘journeyman’ work then that’s fine. If they want a work of art, that’s fine too. The client shouldn’t be handed journeyman product at premium pricing and they should not expect fine art at a journeyman price.

Why is our industry the only one that has so much trouble getting that across?

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