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That sounds about right for the Symphony rig. I worked with a huge house that had 12 of them networked to a Unity rig back in ’03. I had to admit just with the basic software you could do some amazing stuff! But at 40k a pop, you better had been!

I thoroughly agree with you about how Avid isn’t a ‘must have’ software anymore. I’ve worked with it or around it since ’97 and it’s still top of the line stuff, but not worth the cash for frontline filmmakers. Not when you’ve got so many other great NLE choices on different platforms that won’t send your outfit to the poorhouse or your techs to the nuthouse trying to maintain.

FCP is an excellent NLE, but I do weary of the snobbery that goes with it. Particularly now that Adobe’s Suites are becoming more than a match for it everyday. I hope apple recognizes that shadow behind them is Adobe with a loaded shotgun!

MC is worth having if you can tolerate Avid’s so-called tech support and that retarded dongle.

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