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I’ve run into both kinds of clients. Those who understand that professional looking work costs money and those who just want it cheap. I can do ‘scaled’ work meaning that instead of HD, I can shoot it on a good 3CCD Mini-DV rig. Or instead of doing a full broadcast ready package, I can produce an online or DVD ready project. However, they’re still going to have to pay more than some crap someone else would con a fresh out of the box student would charge and it will be day/night level of quality.

What both producers and potential clients must realize is; yeah, you can do it for next to nothing. But that’s what it’s going to look like. The reason an average script like ‘AVATAR’ could bring in audiences the way it did was because of the quality of the work. Whether you saw it in 3D or 2D, the production values were par none. Now, quality really is based upon what your final output is going to be. It’s where your production is going to be shown is where the quality level will count.

If you shot your flick with a crap camera, didn’t light it, didn’t take time to get good sound and just slapped it together with Movie Maker or iMovie and expect it to look ‘great’ and people to take your work seriously after you upload it to the ‘Tube… fuggedaboutit! I’ve seen it so many times when clients come to me with a project they know is garbage and want me to ‘clean it up’. I do my best not to front on someone else’s work. Sometimes though I see stuff that I want to ask, “What made you pay for this?”

Really I think it all comes down to what as a professional you’re willing to sell to your client’s. Granted, most folks who read the forums won’t ever do a Hollywood budget sized production. That doesn’t mean you can’t put forth your best efforts with what you have available. I’m not knocking amateurs at all because every working professional was a noob once. But when you get amateurs trying to pass their work off as professional when it is obviously not is where my hackles raise.

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