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I read you loud and clear on Avid’s revolving management door. I strongly suspect the same thing is ahead for Apple’s NLE division when ol’ Stevie is no longer driving things. The bean counters are already lining up for all of the ‘iCrap’ their hawking and they’ve made it plain that’s where their emphasis is going.

This stuff was discussed in one of the ‘Alpha Dogs’ panels about both Avid and Apple’s ‘corporate makeovers’. It all strikes me as contradictive particularly with apple pushing ‘snow leopard’ and all it’s higher end capabilities. All of which far exceed anything apple’s target customer computer skill level would ever really need or use.

But then Avid or Apple wouldn’t be the first companies to have something that worked well and pulled the plug on it ‘just because’. It will be interesting to see. Avid yanked Express Pro which allowed many a budding indy filmmaker a chance to work with the software at an earth-bound price. MC is a great program, but it’s still pricey and if you want hardware acceleration, you gotta’ buy Avid’s gear which ain’t close to being cheap. But I guess that goes back to your comment about their product managers being sales managers. Shame that.

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