grinner may have said it a


grinner may have said it all, (why wait?)but I decided to refuel the question jeffjkim originally asked (rather than start another thread on the same subject). I am considering purchasing the HDR-FX7 for my next camcorder. It seems it is loved or hated? Onboard audio “sucks”, and low lighting is “near worthless” seem to be the consof the camera. Other than those two issues, people seem to think it is “all stars”!

Audio is my main concern, I rely 99% on my camcorder for audio in the field, (which is pretty accurate) because if not in the field I often use a remote mike for audio on the subject. Then again it’s pretty accurateto sayI am in the field99% of the time I amrecording! If there is any human audio I am trying to capture,it is important.If I can’t use it; I can’t use this camera.

I could stretch my budget and go for the HDR-AX2000, but from what I have read, this camera is beyond my needs and understanding. I currently use a GL2 (yes, my main demand is the 20x or better lens) and the GL2 is a great camcorder, but not HD.

This may be cheating, (introducing a second concern)but one thing I wantfrommy next camcorder is the 24 fps, so I can copy mySuper 8 movies with out a special projector. Guess that dates this o’l Grey Beard for ya, but I understand if the super 8 was taken at 24fps it is a flawless transfer. I have yet to document that the HDR-FX7 has the 24fps speed?

Any help would be appreciated.


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