Grinner, I’ve come to enjo


Grinner, I’ve come to enjoy your responses… that being said, if I record a tune at a wedding (say the “couple dance”) and I edit in a song other than the one the DJ plays for the couple, am I not in violation anyway — I would (necessarily) need to use the same song the couple dances to….. so, editing in the same song doesn’t help. But if I edit in another song, I’ve defeated the purpose of taping the “couple dance”.

I post this mostly for the enjoyment of the argument (this time). I realize the implications of this scenerio. I was looking for other opinions — such as Birdcat and Grinner (thank you). I have decided that if I can find a reasonable fee solution, I’ll use that. Otherwise I’m stuck pirating the song(s) to meet the need of the video. I simply don’t know how to make it anymore black-n-white than that (sorry).

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