Grinner I agree most won’t


Grinner I agree most won’t pay what a videographer is “worth”. $250-$300, maybe a bit more for larger homes is the price range for home tour videos. I am giving the agent what they pay for; a walk through with a few cutaways. I am not trying to win any videography awards. The focus is on giving the viewer a “feel” for the home which photos and panoramic slideshows cannot provide. I never owned a video camera until about a month ago. I bought a Canon HF-S200, a $100.00 tripod, a GlideCam 1000HD, Premiere Elements/Photoshop Elements and a .66x wide angle lens. I practiced shooting in my own place until I felt I had it “down”. Yesterday I shot a condo in Ft Lauderdale for a Realtor. I had a 2:00PM appointment. By 5:00PM I had the video shot, edited and posted to the clients YouTube account. Everything is set to auto, I walk though very slow then speed it up in post. I still have room to improve which will come with experience and if this looks like a service that will sell I will upgrade my equipment and most likely get a better finished product in less time. But for under $1500 bucks and no experience, what I have is acceptable. The agent is very happy with these results:

The video is only a part of a complete marketing package I am developing for Realtors. My finished product will include video, photo, distribution and syndication, multimedia optimized websites, smartphone sites, etc. The video is more for the seller than the buyer as far as a tool for the agent.

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