Gregory, Thanks for sharin



Thanks for sharing a link to your blog. I see you’re getting zero interaction on your blog. See my response above to EarlC, why you should also consider guest blogging if you want want to grow traffic to your site.

In regards to some of your comments:

“Shawn, I can see what you are hoping to accomplish with the site you are building. A vast community to share resources for video work. Some other sites that have accomplished that goal?”

Just to clarify: we are hoping to accomplish a “vast community” of free HD stock footage. We *might* ad other resources later, but for now we’re just focusing on free HD footage. I would have to disagree with you that is not doing the same thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anyplace here that makes free HD stock clips easily accessible to download. They just link to other sites.

“But suppose the site continues to grow, you are obtaining a lot of “free” footage and resources, but as the site grows so does management of the site, and a host of issues WILL come up, soon it will start to rob time, you will need more “free” help.”

Who said we were looking for free help?

“In the meantime while your services are free, ones (and many are members here) that obtain a few dollars by offering stock video and music are put out of business or cannot update their files because you are offering it for free.”

You have no data to support that claim. We actually have a lot of data that suggests these free lower quality clips increase sales to other stock agencies who advertise on our site. Just to give you an idea of our background, we have been heavily involved in the stock graphic industry for a long time so this isn’t our first stab at building a website like you seem to be implying.

“When I first saw your site I knew it was a great idea, but when I dug into it and realized that ANYONE can upload anything and make a claim, I can foresee that you will at some point in the near future need some very big lawyer’s.”

Anyone can upload anything ANYWHERE and make false claims. Not just our site.

“My first concern after seeing that is if these videos were downloaded (or any part of) from a paid for stock site then reuploaded here, that is file sharing.”

Just to make it VERY clear, we do NOT allow this whatsoever. All videos that are uploaded are either considered public domain OR uploaded under a CreativeCommons license or our “Standard Videezy License” (which is very close to the CC license but gives users more control of their files by not allowing them to be shared on other sites without their permission).

Regarding the copyright issues:

Thank you for pointing out that spiral effect. The video has been removed and the user has been banned. We moderate every clip that comes through but that one somehow slipped past us. This is where we rely on the community for help. The community loves to police itself and tell on each other when they find something stolen. Just like you did here. So thank you for that πŸ™‚ We take immediate action to remove all clips that are not uploaded legally. YouTube was sued because they were hosting content that they didn’t own from the major broadcast networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. We don’t allow that. All files are shared by users who own the content.

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