@ Gregory Watts – I have a


@ Gregory Watts – I have adobe premiere, but I’m using windows movie maker fore the following reason.

1) My cannon shots .mts format. I can’t easily import that into adobe premiere. I’ve tried converts, but the quality seems to suffer tons from this. I might just be doing it wrong.

2)Geez, premiere seems like a nightmare to use to get my videos done quickly..

Your thought on this would be awesome.

@WSanford I am going to start with a wireless microphone. What do you suggest?

Also, I want one of those things that help with steadying your camera shot as you walk. Looks like a pole you hold.

Can you suggest a ‘kit’ for lighting? Maybe a stand, light, and reflector?

Sorry guys if I dont ‘get’ it yet. I’ve taken only a 1 hour film class, and everything I’ve created is sheer will and talent.


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