Greg – I’m a little enviou


Greg – I’m a little envious. I am the unofficial media director for my church and have been trying to create some shorts as well. But I still have to work full time to support my hobby πŸ™‚

You have a great budget to start with – and you will get a lot of great advice here.

Other than creating shorts for worship, are there any other uses for the equipment? (Like taping performances, weddings, etc?)

I am not sure how your church plans the service, but I am part of a team that meets weekly to coordinate all the elements of the service, including music, video/graphics, sermon, etc. We usually start planning a month in advance and the pastor gives us the theme of the sermon, so from there we can brainstorm ideas and come up with ideas for skits and video so that it fits into the overall theme of the service. I mention this because it may be time you need more than equipment in the future.

One thing that I have been trying to do is see if the video can have some use outside the service. It can be disappointing to work hours on a 5 minute video to be shown once in a service. sells short videos to show in the service and allows people to post their videos for sale there as well. Basically you end up getting half the sale. I wouldn’t expect to bring in a lot of money with it, but it would be worthwhile knowing that the fruits of your labor can be used elsewhere.

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