Greetings! I thought I’d j


Greetings! I thought I’d jump on this thread. I didn’t read it all – it’s quite the novel πŸ™‚ but I wanted to say hi. So “hi!”

4 years ago, I got into video (delicately) and found out that all of my years as a professional composer ( prepared me for pacing and flow of video and noticing the dramatic content of the story and such. I JUST finished the latest version of the Dave’s Killer Bread Story and I’m pretty happy with it. So is the client! It is the 3rd version in 4 years we have produced and with all the media clips – there are just 100’s and 100’s of shots and B roll to wade through. It’s a little insane but I’m glad we finished.

The DKB video shows my vision of using music and audio to really help a video move and flow. Using some songs from some of my artist’s also is a nice bonus. I can wade through copyrights with all these things easily and really – I could NOT edit or produce a video without my music background. It frees me up to move a story along the right way and not have to worry about rights and big budgets. I’m trying to bring that sort of freedom to other video people as well.

If you have specific questions, you can ask I guess. Blessings…Michael Nelson Rizzo

THE DAVES KILLER BREAD STORY (producer/director/editor/composer)

I also used some original songs from one of my artists.

FINDING OREGON(composer only)

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