Great video. Depth of fiel

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

Great video. Depth of field is so beautiful and rather easy to accomplish with DSRL, but what about with a regular camcorders. With my Sony HDR AX2000 I position the camera far from the subject, zoom in, open the aperture at a low f stop and focus were desire. Another way is having the camcorder very close to the subject, zoom in a little and focus were desire. Other than that, there are no more alternatives with the build in lenses. In the previous Videomaker magazine (September 2011) article “The Mechanics of Interchangeable Lenses” it says that “The ability to add high quality 35mm lenses to a professional, prosumer or consumer camcorder can give more control over the depth of field”. My question, is it better to get a DSRL camera or buy a 35mm lenses adapter to accomplish the cinematic shallow depth of field?.

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