Great Tim – but now you’re


Great Tim – but now you’re going to have to make another on how to weld. I suspect many people would love to have your skills in that area. Those work lights are on sale in the UK and I noticed you throwing away the wire guard. I’ve always thought the purpose of this on a building site or wherever is to stop outside objects breaking the glass. The grill creates horrible shadows – but few people remove them. You’ve also solved the problem of premature fading of the gel. The popular PAR64 1000W fixtures we use on theatre and music events burn darker gels very quickly – and your two inches of air space would really help there too, giving a chance to provide some convection cooling. I’d seriously suggest getting hold of a Rosco or Lee gel swatch book, as there are some really useful colours that often get overlooked. Lee 126 violet is a great one for effect – everything goes purple/blue apart from anything yellow – which turns red. So this can have some very strange effects on costumes. I use a maglight to shine through the swatch book to see what happens rather than holding them up to the light.

Good luck

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