Great!! Thank you very much


Great!! Thank you very much that was very helpfull


I am not so much into Compact System Cameras but i like that idea with Canon 650d i was looking at this camera just now and i have to say its great and it's middle way betwen nearly the same as 700d but still a lot better than 600d,is it? 


So if i will go for Canon 650d body, do you think i should get a prime lens as well ? I found this one Canon nifty 50 f1.8 it's only  around 100 pounds,it'a good price but it's 50 mm so it will be zomed in quite a bit that means i will have to keep at a distance from the subjects im filming.I would love to get one that's a bit wider than that but i know that lower focal lenghts costs more.Stil i think it will do becouse i am not sure if i will be able to buy canon 650d with kit lens and prime lens for 500pounds.What you think?


Also for audio, does 650d have any microphone built in? i hope it does anyway beocuse i am thinking of saving up for a Rode Video Mic.I have tripod allready so this will do me for now.


Thank you again this post was very helpfull and looking forword to your reply according the lenses

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