Great suggestions and advi


Great suggestions and advice guys – I’d got used to touching walls to ground myself in my studio and I need to keep doing that in hotels too.

Cotton is king as far as I’m concerned, but I just noticed my ‘leather’ shoes have rubber soles! I guess I could slip them off and stay in my cotton socks (and hope the client doesn’t notice πŸ™‚

>>Taking Earl’s suggestion a step farther, have an object you can touch and discharge yourself close to your electronics,grab it and not let go until you have touched what your are working on/with.<<

What sort of object – does it have to be metal? metal that is grounded? Wallpapered walls of the kind you find in hotel ballrooms?

Also I have to use AC power onsite unfortunately since many events I coverlast all day. Tripod with metal spikes exposed does make sense but would that help if the tripod is on synthetic carpeting? What about using anti-static mats under the tripod? anyone used those?

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