Great software for someone


Great software for someone starting out. Tons of features and easy to use. If you expect alot without frustration, you will be disappointed.

Early releases were criticized for crashing and running slowly. The software has regularly been the subject of harsh reviews and a disproportionate number of disgruntled users, especially on Pinnacle’s forums. The program can suffer because of the computer’s specifications; for instance, it will work more smoothly on a gigabyte of RAM, rather than 512 megabytes as advertised on the box.

Studio 11 has been more stable than many previous early releases of the product, but there are still a variety of outstanding bugs. (

Personal Computer World in the UK gave 11 Ultimate the “Editor’s Choice” award in a group test of Video editing software under $100 in the November 2007 edition.

Pinnacle has been criticised for cynical marketing practices because the company requires additional fees to “activate” numerous functions of the software. However, none of the bonus material is a “function”, and without unlocking Studio 11 Plus and Ultimate still contain the features advertised, which are on par with its rivals.

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