GREAT POST! I completely a



I completely agree with that entire blog posting. As a reminder, everything we do creates our “brand”. We need to really make sure everything we do makes our service shine.

On an interesting note, I haven’t upgraded to HD cameras yet. (I have the new PC and NLE in place, just not the cameras themselves yet.) A few folks from another forum I post on are giving me a little flak for this, saying that “everyone needs to” be shooting HD now. I disagree. In our market, only one other competitor even offers HD so far, and he’s this fresh kid who has maybe a couple years experience, tops.

My opinion is to look at it from my client’s perspective. What’s better for them – get a producer with over 12 years of production experience who shoots awesome SD footage and delivers at a reasonable price, or hire some inexperienced kid for a much higher rate, who had the best technology, but isn’t experienced enough to use it.

People need to remember that sometimes (and not always-I acknowledge that some markets are effectively closed to SD now) sometimes production value outweighs having the latest bells and whistles. Remember, some folks still have VHS decks, and DVD technology is 12 years old. It’s only been a year and three-ish months since Blu-Ray beat HD-DVD. DVD technology isn’t going to vanish any time soon.

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