Great post Aaron. No SEO i


Great post Aaron. No SEO is not dead! Yes you have to put in the effort to make it work. It usually takes a few months to get to the top on the “organic” Google searches, and effort to maintain your position there. I have used Google AdWords and Microsoft Search Marketing (recently they partnered with Yahoo) Pay-Per-Click with alot of success, mostly for lead generation. The great thing about PPC is if you write good copy and have relevant content on your site, you are rewarded with HIGHER placement and CHEAPER clicks and your basically on cruise control.

You can also create separate campaigns for mobile devices. The mobile search market is growing exponentially and right now clicks can be had on the cheap. If you have a web site to support your business, it’s best to have a version that is optimized for mobile devices. People who own mobile devices love to use them, so it is a smart bet to target mobile users in your advertising efforts.

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