Great News! Motionbox allo


Great News! Motionbox allows commercial usage including real estate videos with their Professional Business Hosting Service. Hey, they need to make money just like the rest of us.

Equally good news is that besidesa basic $10 monthly fee they only charge 25 cents per 1 Gigabyte ofplayback contentdelivered to viewers. I’veuploaded about 20 videos so far amounting to20 minutes of videoinabout 1G ofstorage.It will cost me 25 cents if you view all 20 videos, even in Hi-def.

Anyway, Motionbox is only one solution for videomakers who upload to the Web and not necessarily the best choice for you, but the ease and convenience made possible by the complete bypassing of file conversion(including AVCHD) makes Motionbox a winning solution for me for the time being and should meet the needs of a many a videomaker no matter their favorite subject matter.

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