Great for a first shot.

AvatarPine Fresh Media

Great for a first shot. Congrats! Although I agree with many of the comments already posted. Take these as some pointers for the future:


1. Get stuck into easing… It gives some more flow all round. Especially given water is a big part of the animation.


2. I agree with 'Youtubeforbusiness', the video copy is a little clunky. The structure of the video is fairly messy and the flow between ideas gets a little confusing. A simple structure I like to work by is:


a. present the problem, then


b. present the solution.


This video jumps around a little too much for my liking.


3. Typography. Could do a with a little work. Especially the end of the video. The final logo is very weak. Not a great way to end.


But the illustrations are clear and have a consistent asthetic. Congrats.

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