Great explanation of the p


Great explanation of the program. Thanks.

I will say that the one thing that would improve it would be if there were some system in place to actively assist the local producers. For example, I went to the saysme site, and entered a zipcode that I’m just about positive would have at least one producer working it already. I went to their order page, and while they allow you to buy their pre-made PSA ads on their site, there’s no reference to local producers, not even so much as a “click here to be contacted by local producers”, at least insomuch as I could find anyway. I would imagine to draw more clients to our businesses, it would be incredibly significant if we could be found on the Saysme site someplace. From the sounds of it, at this time producers are doing all the heavy lifting as far as finding clients goes. Heck, if saysme sent me the clients, I’d gladly let them keep their 2.5% even.

Additionally, $6 per spot is a pretty good price – a great price in some markets. Unfortunately, in my local area, I can get spots on popular channels for far less than that, so I would be putting myself at a disadvantage if I were to sell ads to my clients at that rate. That’s not to say that it’s not a god deal in some instances. For example, a primetime spot on a top 3 network is still a bucketload of cash, even here. In that case, it might be a benefit.

I can definitely see how this could be an incredible program for a lot of producers out there. In my market, it looks like it might not be the best fit. Of course, I can’t say anything definite until I try it, which I’ll probably sign up for.


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