Great Advice!


Currently the closest actors guild branch location is 3 hours away, I'm in syracuse NY which is the 88th largest market in the US. There isn't an actors guild presence in syracuse that I know of, I will call them to find out as much information as I can though. I did find though a management group called AMS is present in the city, I can get actors from their site, which of course I will have a project specific contract ready for the actors.


Currently there are only 2 successful production firms who actually do good work in this city, solon Quinn studios, and ottovon media.


Solon Quinn actually cast calls on Facebook, but they have people auditioning for the part before they actually shoot.


Syracuse is not a large market, but it's large enough to have a substantial need for video production, there are only 2 competing firms and plenty of untapped business, you could say its like a fresh gold mine here ready for a talented young individual like me to mine.


So far I have  planned out the whole production process, and have several guys who are willing to assist me in shoots.


I am thinking of casting any extra's through Facebook, I will not disclose any information as to location of shooting to anyone till I cast them into a position, this should prevent any flash mobs if nobody knows where it will happen till they are contracted for the position.


as for teaming up with a producer, I don't know any producers who were in the commercial production side of the business, the team at solon quinn are all about 28, I am 20. What really made solon quinn successful is they actually do quality work, in a market where nobody did anything quality till them. I believe I can do greater quality then them, to me it's only a matter of time and expirence, but I would like my startup to role smoothly.


One key you pointed out is more research, I am 20, but I really need to project a professionally front and show people that even though I am young, I am reliable, professional, and "know what I am doing". As for my talent, I should have about 10 commercials produced before I really launch, that will be really good quality.


Thanks for the Advice!


Still looking for anyone who might have an answer for and official standard practice of finding shooting locations like houses to do shoots in, I mean I can always pay people I know good money to shoot in their house, and have them sign a contract for a location release form, but if theres a more official way to find locations that the industry uses, then I would most certainly want to know about it.

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