Great advice from Tom B. (


Great advice from Tom B. (voice of experience)

all the above are good advice,,,I’m no expert in fact you’re about two projects ahead of me but am investing in the time it takes to read and learn as much as posible.The is the best place toask.

Free work or work for the cost of operating your equipment is the best thing to do right now. As part of payment you need to keep ownership of as much footage as you can to practice and refine your skills. Don’t get rid of the bad and the ugly, you’ll want to eventually teach yourself how to do some repair work. Bad footage canbe used in vignettes and slideshows, plus color correction skills builder. Eventually you will have greet material for a show reel with something for everyone..

Anyhow, Your prices will become pretty clear soon. There is the ‘going rate ofother shooters’ and the variables ( graphics take time and or cost money,,, rayalty free music clips very expensive but sometimes needed for the task,,, manhours needed to edit and encode to completion,,, and yada yada yada )

Good luck to you !!

post your stuff when you can…

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