Great advice, and a good q


Great advice, and a good queston.

Typically, The finished video can be as short as 40 minutes, and as long as a couple hours, if there was a whole lot.

I also try to give couples a "fair" compensation for their ceremony. For example, a few weeks ago, a couple paid me the standard rate for a basic wedding package, but their ceremony was only about 18 minutes (as opposed to the typical 30-50 minute ceremony). Because the ceremony was so short, so I threw in a couple freebies on their finished DVD. They didn’t find out about that until they got them, and were pleasently suprised.

I like to hand out little extras like that from time to time. It makes folks feel good, it’s gives people something really nice to say about me in referrals, and it keeps me from catching up on those weeks when I’m behind! πŸ˜€

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