Got a Mac? Final Cut Studi


Got a Mac? Final Cut Studio 2. $600 for the student version. Exactly the same as the regular version except you can’t upgrade to Final Cut Studio 3 when that comes out. It doesn’t matter thought because there were years in between Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Studio 2. And besides, Apple doesn’t check to see if you’re really a student. So when FCS3 comes out, just keep saying you’re a student.

I wouldn’t recommend Avid. It’s way to expensive to get all the bells and whistles. And when you do get all the bells and whistles after dropping thousands and thousands of dollars, it’s not really much better than Final Cut Studio.

Final Cut is being used by more and more pros and it’s working it’s way more and more into the industry. At least where I’m from, it’s all students use. So what’s the industry going to do when we all graduate? Not use Final Cut?

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