GoPro’s have fixed-wide an


GoPro’s have fixed-wide angle lenses so unless your subject is close, the image will seem out of focus. If you want control over your focus but want to keep the camera small for mounting on a board, etc. you should look at a Point and Shoot camera. PnS cameras these days have really good sensors and get nice video from 720 to 1080p. Most only record at 30fps, the Canon line now can do 240fps for slow motion video. Panasonic PnS offer 60i recording if you don’t mind interlaced video. You can get a good case at Wal-mart for $20 if need be. $500 is more than enough to get a good PnS or two along with all the class 4 or faster SD cards, batteries and other accessories you can actually use. Check out B&H Photo/Video before you look at Amazon. They are great with customer service and if there are issues with the gear they’ll issue a Return Authorization without a lot of hassle long as you’re within the return window.

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The best video monitors — 2021

We rely on our video monitors to show us an accurate representation of our images throughout the production process. Here are some of the best video monitors currently on the market.