GoPro’s can look good, it


GoPro's can look good, it just that they just require a lot of light to do it, so as much as I love them I would not recommend them in this situation, if your trying to do more of a budget project, I think the best way to go it would be to get a few low-med cost HD cams and some Cat5 video extenders $40-150, this would let you have 3-5 cameras all over the venue some fixed and some with operators and long cable runs while keeping control from a directors viewpoint.  



Having done this a few times without a Directors overview you can get song sections where you don't have good coverage that make the whole exercise a total waste of time, throw in a second hand video mixer/Switcher and a video capture card/dongle on your laptop and as soon as  the shows done you've got a first draft edit that you come back and drop in any other shots/fixes.

Secondly have you any plans of sound capture? I would be doing a minimum of Stereo desk out and Stereo room mic's (Zoom H4n).


Here are some of my live music videos, I'm using 2 DSLR's Canon 60d's and recording 24tks of audio to Tascam DM3200/cubase so I can mix the audio afterwards, also as we only had 2 cam's we shot live and then afterwards) got them to play along with the recording so we could get an extra pass (Cheating I know)







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