>>Google is automati


>>Google is automatic. Don’t fall for the hype of companies that offer to get you listed for a fee. You can submit your site to the search engines yourself, but even if you don’t, they will find you anyway.<<

That actually isn’t entirely accurate. While Google does attempt to automatically comb through the we and index it. If you just put up a web site and expect it to just pop up on google searchs right away or pop up very highly you will probably be very disappointed. There is a sub-set of Web design/development called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that deals with making your site pop up on web searches and pop up higher. Yahoo used to have a contributory search engine, I don’t think they do anymore, I don’t think google does that either for that matter.

>>Step 1: Go to Godaddy.com and register a domain name. DO NOT buy the extras that they throw at you. You can always add them later if you decide that you need them. Instead, look for the “no thanks, continue with checkout” at the bottom of the page. If you are going to use WordPress, then you don’t need any of them.<<

GoDaddy.com is one of many domain name registrars, not the only and not necessariy even teh best. Since ICANN doesn’t really regulate them the registrars can pretty much charge whatever they want. You might want to shop around, do a google search to find one with a price that fits your budget.

>>Step 2: Buy a hosting account at GoDaddy.com. Start cheap, but not with the “free” hosting. You want it on Linux, when asked.<<

Again, there are many web hosts in the world. The two big issues with a web host are how much storage space do you get and how much bandwidth are you allowed per month? Bandwidth and storage space are especially an issue if you plan to display video on your site. I tend not to suggest using any free hosting service as it gives you the lowest of the low in terms of bandwidth, storage and stability.

>>Step 3. Go to the Hosting Account Manager, find the add products – it’s not easy to find (my only complaint about GoDaddy), but from there you can install WordPress. It’s free. Then build your blog.<<

As with any blog or template baed disign system, you will be limited in layout and features. If you want a good looking professional website hire a pro. Or at the very least learn how to use a WYSIWYG html editor like Dreamweaver and then steal idea from cool sites like the ones found on coolhomepages.com

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