>>Google is automati


>>Google is automatic. Don’t fall for the hype of companies that offer to get you listed for a fee. You can submit your site to the search engines yourself, but even if you don’t, they will find you anyway.

<< That actually isn’t entirely accurate. While Googledoes attempt to automatically comb through the we and index it. If you just put up a web site and expect it to just pop up on google searchs right away or pop up very highly you will probably be very disappointed.

Well, yes, it is automatic. I put up a few web sites with virtually no SEO optimization an full of W3C errors, yet within a week, Google found them and indexed the site.

<< GoDaddy.com is one of many domain name registrars, not the only and not necessariy even teh best. Since ICANN doesn’t really regulate them the registrars can pretty much charge whatever they want. You might want to shop around, do a google search to find one with a price that fits your budget. >>

Yes, you can shop around for price / benefits. What I said was shopping registrars for domain names is silly because they all use the same database to determine availability.

<< As with any blog or template baed disign system, you will be limited in layout and features. If you want a good looking professional website hire a pro. Or at the very least learn how to use a WYSIWYG html editor like Dreamweaver and then steal idea from cool sites like the ones found on coolhomepages.co>>

There are thousands of templates for WordPress, and many that are used as websites, not blogs.

*IF* your budget and business plan can afford it, spending upwards toward $3,000 for a professionally designed website is probably worth the expense, but the OP was looking for the cheapest way to get a web site up.

I use WYSIWYG for my sites now. If you are familiar with Visual Basic or Visual C, then you will be right at home with WYSIWYG.

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