Good to hear you are looking


Good to hear you are looking after the audio outside the camera – the hundreds of nice looking videos on youtube with no proper mics or kit makes me sigh!

Are you positive you want to go down the DSLR route? There are plenty of cheap HD, card recording proper video cameras on ebay that have side viewfinders that spin around so you can see yourself, while DSLRs need all sorts of adapters and cables to get video out of them. Depth of field is less in lower lighting levels and for a youtube channel, a real video cameras could be better – or in fact, two cheap cameras so you can make your edits smoother and easier – each time you stop, or fumble the words, you look at the other camera – makes your edit soooo much better than those nasty amateurish starts and stops you see all the time!

Bums – just noticed our new member resurrected loads of old topics – and this post is probably well done now – sorry!

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