Good this – Jack. My ex


Good this – Jack. My ex-Principal in his quest for an ethnicly balance press presence strayed disasterously into dangerous territory. In our part of the country, it is predominantly white. We had a large foreign community, from Eastern Europe, Italy and Hollan – but again, all white. In total, we had. girl from the Philipines, two black girls who's parents moved from the Gambia many years before they were born. One Chinese fella, again second generation, and that was it. In any photos, the boss would send for these people to come and be part of the photos or video. I had two of them in my department, and every time they were 'collected' they would groan. One day, when they returned to classes, they moaned and one said "I'm fed up with this, why is it always us?" I was amazed – they hadn't twigged at all. I delicately explained and they were both furious, with justification, I thought – so I suggested that they decline next time, as was their right. So started my decent down the slippery slope. It was this boss who had, being a lawyer ion a previous life, included the extra clause in the learning agreement, giving the college the right to use of their image. There was an opt out, but nobody ever used it that I am, aware of. 


Jacks system is quite functional in a facilty that has this level of organisation. It would never have worked in my old college with only a couple of thousand students because they were never resourced at a level to make this kind of thing function. Nice idea though.

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